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Dalle origini, "Ravasio Caffè", come un artigiano che ama il proprio lavoro, affonda le sue radici in quella che è la vera materia prima, il cuore, producendo ogni giorno caffè "fatto con amore".


"From the outset, as an artisanal producer enamoured of the work we do, here at Ravasio Caffè we have always had a very strong relationship with what is the true 'raw material', the heart of the matter, and day after day we make our coffee with undying love". Sergio Ravasio


19th century

In the early 19th century, Stefano Ravasio began trading in all those products that were at the time referred to as 'colonial'.

In 1940, having worked for many years at the ILVA food-producing co-operative in Lovere, Lorenzo Ravasio decided to open "Ravasio Coloniali" on the site that would become the longstanding base for the company: at No. 41, Via Zambonate, in Bergamo.




Alongside the importation and sale of spices, groceries and 'colonial' products, Lorenzo also threw himself into the roasting of green coffee beans, using a small, gas-powered roasting machine with a capacity of 3 kg.

The Second World War forced the family to interrupt its coffee-production operations.




In 1989, Sergio Ravasio – making the most of his background in the family business, as well as his wide-ranging experience in the world of coffee – established a company for the marketing of coffee products.

While Ravasio Coloniali was being wound up after 60 years, Sergio was busy establishing a new business producing a series of blends featuring the "Ravasio Caffè" branding.




Initially, the production of the Ravasio Caffè blends was entrusted to third-party roasters, albeit always under the supervision of Sergio and his son Lorenzo.

In 2008, having attained ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, a dream was realised with the installation of a new production plant. Ravasio Caffè was now in a position to select the ingredients and oversee their processing entirely in-house




In 2013, demand was such that the production plant had to be replaced with a new, high-capacity, eco-friendly roasting system.


Two years later, a new ingredients storage facility was constructed, allowing for global monitoring of the production processes.

Having attained both Organic and Fair Trade certification, Ravasio Caffè now constitutes a benchmark in the world of coffee.

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