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Our warehouse embodies a wonderful sensory journey through the countries where the soil and its aromas are channelled into the coffee beans, endowing them with exclusive, unique essences and fragrances.


Brazil, India, Colombia, Central America, Ethiopia and the Caribbean: every heavy jute sack has a singular story to tell, rich in flavours just waiting to be rediscovered day after day, cup after cup.


The roasting plant is the beating heart of the entire process and, accordingly, it is equipped with the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies available on the market.


We roast exclusively by origin, in order to preserve the excellent organoleptic properties of each variety of coffee.


After having sifted the beans using vibrating sieves, the coffee is carefully packaged and sealed by fully automated machines.  


Specific hermetic packages (sealed in a protective atmosphere / in a modified atmosphere / under vacuum) safeguard the final blend, whether it comes in the form of beans, pods or ground coffee, allowing it to be preserved in such a way as to keep its aroma and flavour fully intact.


The various packages are carefully sited so as to ensure optimum storage.


Each type of product is allotted a special section within the warehouse, to facilitate the logistical management of the orders, transport and delivery in Italy and further afield.

The 'Drogheria Ravasio' range now extends to hot chocolates, teas and infusions, all of which are stored within our large warehouse.

 private label


Thanks to our time-honoured experience in the selection of the best sources, together with our modern production plants and the ongoing checks we conduct throughout the entire production cycle, Esserre Distribuzione is the ideal partner for the design and production of customised, private-label blends, both traditional and Bio Fairtrade.

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