About Coffee

Taste it every day and there we have the background of our best moments of relax, but its history has remote origins.

Until the nineteenth century the place of  coffee  plant  origin   was uncertain and, in addition to Ethiopia, we assume Persia and Yemen. Pellegrino Artusi, in his famous manual, argues that the best coffee is  Mokha (city in Yemen), and that this would be the clue to identify the place of origin. There are many legends about the origin of coffee.

Among the many stories we like to remember the story of two young twins in Sweden of  1700 were sentenced to death by administering coffee by King Gustav III, who evidently considered the black drink poison.

The two young twins survived the kings, judges and doctors  responsible for monitoring the effects of the conviction, and died over eighty, happy to have been convicted for decades to savor the delicious beverage.

Many other legends, tells  the beginning of a long story so exciting and full of taste and aroma, from those who like us for more than ninety years, with passion prepares it with the intention to offer moments of real pleasure.



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