The Selection

Today the world's greatest  coffee crops, in order, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia, followed, with variable order depending on the vintage, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia and India.



There are many species of coffee grown, but the first to be selected and used for several centuries is the Arabica beans with an intense aromatic scent. The coffee has a full and round  body with sweet and intense taste with an contained level of caffeine, while the Robusta species (Canephora), cultivated in Africa, Uganda and Guinea and now widely used, has a more pronounced flavor with bitter and sour aftertaste and higher ratio of caffeine.

The single origin coffee, today is in large expansion, coming  from specific countries  where are produced the  best coffee in the world, to be tasted in pureness to sense a  unique and inimitable flavor.

Grains of a single geographical  coffee origin  obtain purity relished in its  aroma  and flavor,  bringing out the unique  features that set them apart.

A sensorial journey in the countries where the earth and its fragrances blends into coffee essences and fragrances exclusive and unique. From the slopes of the Andes of South America to the mountains of Central America, the islands of the Caribbean Sea to the African forests passing from Asian plantations to the volcanic islands of the Pacific Ocean.

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